posted by Maisa on 20.06.2017

While the rest of us are frantically trying to get in shape for the bikini season, Victoria’s Secret models put in long hours doing squats to be prepared for the bikini all year round. Read below the fitness secrets of Josephine in time for the launch of the new collection “White Hot Summer” by Victoria Sport:

The Weight Lifting Lady: Josephine Skriver
TRAINING: “I mix weight training with boxing and high intensity [HIIT] cardio training,” says the 24-year-old Danish. “On an ideal week, I boxed once, HIIT mount once, and weight three or four times. Workout for about an hour or two at a time. When I work out on weight, I only focus on one or two areas, be it arms, core, legs or just ass “.
FAVORITE MOVEMENT: The blonde beauty loves to do split squats – feet in a staggered position, raised back foot on a bench and dumbbells in each hand. You then bend your front knee.

“They really hurt“, she says. “But slowly I’m becoming addicted to the pain I feel when I work hard because I know I’m going to see the results. In fact, I hate waking up and not feeling sore. “

POINTS OF PROBLEMS: “Burpees will be my death”, she says. “Burpees is targeting a few different muscles, so they’re tough but great for you. A love-hate relationship is for sure. “

FITNESS GOAL: “My proudest moment was when I finally did my first pullups and pushups” says Josephine. “I’ve always had strong legs, but when I started my weight training journey, I could not do a single push.” She did push-ups earlier this year, and in November she made her first pullup.

#Fitspiration: “Do not be afraid of weights” she says. “I think a lot of girls have the wrong idea about weights. For most people, it will not make you look superstar like a bodybuilder, but it will make it look firmer and toned.”