posted by Maisa on 19.06.2017

When Victoria’s Secret Angel, Josephine Skriver, was a child, football was off limits. Her mother, at a same-sex marriage, did not want her daughter, who was conceived by IVF (in vitro fertilization), to fall into the “gay family” trope, becoming a tomboy. “She tried to get me to do everything” Skriver says. “Like dancing and gymnastics.”

Although Skriver finally reached the age of 12, playing in defense for the school team, did not last long. She began to be seen on soccer field trips and, at the age of 15, signed with Denmark’s largest modeling agency. (Good news to his mother, who had been praying for it ever since Skriver wore newborn diapers.)

You’d think, with such a glamorous side line, Skriver would have abandoned his after-school cleaning. “Actually, it was great because I could practice walking in high heels while I was vacuuming” she laughs. “I have not been able to use them at home since they damaged the floor.”

But it was worth it, because two years later, Victoria’s Secret called her. They took her to New York Fashion Week, then filmed a catalog with Adriana Lima. “At that moment, next to Adriana, I knew I wanted to become an Angel” says Skriver. In February last year, at the age of 22, she fulfilled her dream.

Now the Danish model has other ambitions, like becoming a doctor or going to Mars. “Recently, I became really interested in space. I’d like to visit Mars for a few days” she says. “If I can figure out how to get the money for a ticket …” Does anyone help a supermodel?

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