posted by Maisa on 05.06.2017

Josephine is stamping three different covers of the June 2017 Harper’s Bazaar Turkey edition. Josephine stopped New York traffic when photographed by Frenchman Jack Yerim Waterlot wearing designer clothing such as Tommy Hilfiger and Versace. The model gave an interview that talked about how she started her modeling career, beauty and about her relationship with her boyfriend Alexander DeLeon. Check out all the material below:

 Everyone has a turning point in their life. But the best stories are always models’. They are discovered in beaches, supermarkets etc, what is your story?

We were on a trip with my football team. We were staying with a family in Delaware via exchange program. We came to NY for a day. When we were at Times Square, just as we were passing Madame Tussauds someone from an agency asked my coach if I was considering modeling. Back then we only said no and walked away. I remember thinking how weird that question was and I could never picture myself as a model even in a million years. But when I came back to Denmark, ironically I was asked the same question 4-5 times by Unique Models, the biggest agency in our country while walking down in the streets, I was confused. When I had a chat with one of my aunt’s best friends, we decided to call the agency. We had a nice conversation, and I was signed nearly 5 mins after I arrived there! I couldn’t believe what happened. That’s how the life of a quiet, shy girl living and trying to get by in Copenhagen changed.

And the rest just happened right after, right?

Actually I wasn’t prepared mentally for modeling. I was only 15&school was my priority. When I was 16, I gave my all to my school’s sports academy. I wanted to enjoy my teen years before I jumped into a foreign world.  I’m still sensitive about the fact teens are forced to grow up so early! That’s why I had my first NYFW experience when I was 18. Then everything happened right after. I took part in nearly every fashion show that year. You know the rest…

 Where is Victoria’s Secret in your life?

Josephine: As they said, nothing happens overnight. Being chosen as a VS angel happens step by step. It takes hours, years, sweat, tears, and hardwork. It is not enough to be your best physical-self, you have to be at max mentally and emotionally. There is no better honor than being cast as an angel in my career. I remember how I watched Helena Christensen, the first Danish angel with admiration.

Where do you live?

 New York and Nashville! I love how I have a home in both places: it is my yin yang. Living in Nashville makes me miss the big city chaos. And New York makes me miss the tranquility of Nashville.

 If you wanted to summarize how your life has been going, what would you say?

Josephine: I’d definitely say that I’m living my dreams. I still poke myself to see if these are all real. People might think my good career is the reason of my happiness. But the truth is what makes me happy is the fact that my career is so demanding and unpredictable.

 Even though you are very busy with work, how do you recharge your body and soul whenever you get the chance?

I’ll say spending time with my friends because the best treatment I can give to myself is to laugh! I’m always on the road so when I get the chance, my priority is to receive love and laughs from my family and friends.

Sports are a big part of your life, correct?

Josephine: Yes, I’ve always been sporty. I used to join every sports team and try all. They called me “tomboy”. I wanted to prove that girls can be as good as boys at sports. Now I do sports only for myself and it has become my therapy. Everyday for 2 hours, I leave all my problems aside. Recently, I’ve been focused on lifting. It has shaped my body faster than anything I’ve ever tried. Whichever sport you’re into, at the end of the day your motivation should be to aim to be the best you can be.

Let’s talk about your style, your wardrobe…

Honestly my favorite wardrobe is my boyfriend’s! I can combine pieces of his with mines. For example, I wear my VS pieces with his John Elliot’s. His wardrobe keeps getting smaller because I get a lot from him. Like all women I too can’t resist completing my looks with nice shoes and bags. I almost never go out without my Chanel “Boy” or my Saint Laurent blazer.

 A cliched question; but we wonder everything you do for the sake of beauty and skincare.

I keep everything simple with skincare. I wash and moisturize my face day-night. I tried so many products so I don’t have a favorite yet. I don’t do makeup when I’m not working. Maybe some browpencil, concealer and mascara. I drink liters of water and I don’t think there is any better skincare than that. I start my day with warm water and lemon. And getting enough sleep is just as important as water.

 You are only 24 but you already have 4 million followers on social media. Isn’t that mind blowing?

Social media has been so good to me, I get to keep in touch with my fans. I love writing to them and learning about their lives. I find this amazing to keep in touch with everyone I love. Of course living on the phone isn’t a good thing but it has more pros than cons.

 Now we are at the favorite part of your story: your original birth story and your childhood. We are all shaped by our childhood memories and we wonder yours a lot.

I never thought about this until I got old enough to start being asked about it, did you know that? I never even though it’d make people wonder, that’s when I found out love and family shouldn’t be defined with limitations. Why do we do that? Because when there’s a definition it only has one meaning. But family means to different people can be different, I don’t think blood relations have to do with family either, love and family can be however you want it to be. I’m not trying to inspire and support a group of people while saying this. My purpose is to tell eveeyone love is more than a definition. You should look at different POVs and not just one. I learned this from my family so much that us not being a traditional family didn’t change anything at all for me.

 I’m sure your story made brilliant contributions to your character.

Absolutely! It made me very open minded. I never view anything with limitations. I can try to put a triangle in a square social codes have never concerned me. This growed my feelings of empathy to those who are left out, who can’t raise their voices. I am thankful because I can see world in this way.

 And love… The love you and your boyfriend Alexander DeLeon have for each other is so strong that we can feel it through our phone screens. Considering that love has many types; what is yours like?

I was a hopeless romantic in my teen years. I was living for those tales in books and movies hoping they could be real. You start to doubt those tales when you start to grow older. But I still kept on hoping. I felt like I couldn’t settle for anything less than those tales, and somehow I found Alexander. Aka the person who makes me feel better in every way, the person who made me grow and laugh, loved me for who I am, loved my weirdnesses, and I love his. He filled me with life that I never know could exist that much. There’s something I’ve learned for sure: Never settle for anything less than you want. And never leave someone like that when you find them.