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Recently Josephine Skriver gave an interview to The National Geographic Traveler where she told us about her diet secrets, her incentives to always keep exercising, and a trick everyone loves about how to make her eyelashes longer. Check out the interview  below:

You’re too busy working – how do you relax?

I like playing with friends – as crazy as it may sound, the more I laugh, the more relaxed I get! I also love to travel and explore new cities.

Your favorite trip?

I spent a few days camping inside the Hang Son Doong, the world’s longest cave in Vietnam. We did not have technology and we were able to take it all and really enjoy the world around us.

Where do you go to unwind?

One of the most beautiful, untouched places in the world is the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii Island – perfect for clearing your mind and feeling free.

Do you eat as a place abroad?

Eating is a big part of experiencing another culture. I try to eat clean while also experimenting with new delicacies. There are many different fruits and vegetables everywhere you go and each destination has healthy food choices.

How do you keep in shape when you’re out?

I take my TRX (Total-body Resistance Exercise) and other tapes so I have no excuses not to keep me active no matter where I go. Running makes it easier because you can do this anywhere – it’s a great way to explore the destination. At home, I train most days at DogPound in New York, mixing exercises to focus on different parts of the body. I like lifting the weights to shape my arms.

Got some passing health tips? Coconut oil?

I eat in the morning, I use it as a hair treatment and I still shoot my makeup with it – it’s like magic.

What’s in your beauty kit?

Eye wash, face mask and eyebrow kit – nothing fits you faster than a well-made eyebrow. After a long flight, I pass the face mask at the time of going to bed so I wake up shining, even for early morning calls!

Any makeup trick?

I hold a teaspoon in my eyelids while applying mascara; It makes it easier to place the product on the roots of the eyelashes, while curving them for greater definition – a very big trick.

And your favorite skin care product?

I blend coconut oil with Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Lotion for silky-smooth skin.

Should you have exercises on your cell phone?

I like apps that go with my time and goals while I’m working hard – almost like having a personal trainer with you.

What are the fitness trends you love?

Training with partner – you really inceive each other and this is how I get stronger. Plus, it’s fun to work out with a friend.

Favorite stores for training equipment?

Victoria Sport by Victoria’s Secret. Super-comfortable and made of material that keeps you cool; All different styles are really cute – I love strappy sports bras.

Any diet secrets?

Portions, portions, portions! You can eat almost anything if you are careful! I clean when I can, but sometimes I let go and treat myself to a hamburger or ice cream.

How do you stay positive?

I look forward to any situation: life is much more fun this way.

Who inspires you?

My mother who balances work, family and fun so well, my boyfriend (Alexandre DeLeon), with his passion to see the world and his creativity; My friends for how hard they work to achieve their dreams.

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Last Wednesday, 10, Josephine along with Angel Stella Maxwell gathered at the Victoria’s Secret store on New York’s famed Fifth Avenue to publicize the new Bombshell fragrance and among several interviews the couple gave, they talked a little With the US Magazine about his favorite scents and his blond hair. Check out the interview  below:

Which scent is your jam? How can you even choose?

Maxwell: The Paris one is my favorite. It’s a little woodier, muskier… it’s got a little bit of jasmine… that’s more my vibe than a sweet florally one. But I also like Bombshell Summer — it makes you want to get out on the beach… it’s warm and energetic.

Skriver: I love the Bombshell, the iconic one — it’s in between sexy and sweet. It has a warm vanilla note at the end.

Where do you spray your fragrance?

Skriver: Everywhere! I feel more naked without fragrance than I do without underwear. I even put fragrance on before bed. I just spray it all over. And when I go away on a trip, I spritz my pillow so my boyfriend misses me. I’m just like, “there you go, byeee!”

Maxwell: I spray it behind my ear, because if anyone’s going to hug you, they’re going to smell that area.

And how about makeup — do you feel naked without that, too?

Skriver: Summer’s all about minimal makeup. As soon as you get a little sun on your face, you get a natural glow.

Maxwell: I like a tinted moisturizer. Laura Mercier and Max Factor have really good ones.

Skriver: A little lip and maybe concealer. I forget I have makeup on, so I like to use a little matte lip stain. The new Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stains are great because they stay on but they’re also easy to take off. Plus, they have a lot of Vitamin E in them so they don’t dry me out.

What’s going on with your hair? Are you both natural blondes?

Maxwell: I highlight mine but she hasn’t touched her hair.

Skriver: If I’m on a beach vacation, I’ll put a little lemon in my hair. I’ll dip my fingers in lemon juice and just run them through my hair, it gives you a really nice highlight. But you don’t want to do that too much because it kind of burns your hair. Sometimes I’ll just dip my head in the ocean. The salt water brightens your hair like nothing else.

Since you’re always modeling lingerie, how do you get your body skin to glow?

Maxwell: I’m really big on sun cream. I try to go with a 40 or 50 SPF. I like the ones that are aerosols that give you a little sheen.

Skriver: I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning or I’ll put it in my coffee if I can’t take the taste. It really moisturizes from within.

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Josephine Skriver teamed up with Stella Maxell at the famous Victoria’s Secret store on 5th Avenue in New York to unveil the brand’s new fragrance Bombshell, where she gave interviews, and squandered cuteness with the journalists. Skriver wore a short dress, with a cleavage and long sleeves, her make-up was as clear as the dress and her hair slightly curled.


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Surely 2017 is a great year for Josephine. The model was the cover of Vogue Brasil in May 2017, and now she has photographed a beautiful editorial for Vogue Germany for June 2017, which has on the cover the Dutch model Saskia de Brauw. Photographed by the lenses of the renowned Giampaolo Sgura during the month of March, Skriver appears in the editorial again with her short hair and typical German clothes.



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With an all white background, Josephine Skriver is one of the models you’ll find on the cover of the special 42 year birthday edition of Vogue Brazil in May. The shoot was made in March in the Maldives, the makeup was made by the makeup artist Jessica Nedza, hair by the hairstylist Franco Gobbi and the fashion edition was by Christiane Arp, who is the editor of German Vogue. Remembering that, this is the second Vogue cover of the model.


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This week is pretty hectic for Josephine. She photographed with the new squad of models for Swim’s new collection in Miami, and shortly after she went to Cancun, Mexico to shoot for the Colombian brand of Agua Bendita bikinis. And yesterday she was seen on the beach doing the photoshoot for that brand, wearing a beautiful bikini with her hair half loose and a pair of gold ring earrings with a sphere in a wine tone.


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